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With our 37 years of experience, Pro-Tint’s work has led to a vast portfolio we are especially proud of. We’ve had the opportunity to work with all types of homes, businesses, and vehicles. Browse our portfolio to see some of our greatest work.


What cleaning products are safe to use on tinted windows?
Wait a few days after your film is newly installed to ensure the film is completely bonded to the window. When you do clean your windows, do not use any blue-colored cleaners as they usually contain ammonia. Instead, use a citrus-based cleaner or others that are made specifically for tinted windows. A microfiber cloth is best to use to avoid scratches.
Are window films applied to the inside or outside of windows?
It depends on the type of film and window. Most are applied only to the inside, while some are applied to the inside and outside, such as dual-pane windows with glare control films.
When is the best time to apply tinted film to your windows?
You’re in luck! Pro-Tint’s window films can be applied year-round.
Bathroom windows are usually subjected to a lot of moisture. Can window films be installed in bathrooms?
Yes—Pro-Tint’s products can be applied in a bathroom and other high moisture areas without any problems. Our products have strong adhesives that keep the film securely in place and withstand even the harshest conditions.
Will window films affect my indoor plants?
No need to worry. Your plants may need some time to adjust to the change in light, but they should be fully adjusted after a five-day period.
How long does ultraviolet light protection last?
While this protection is not indefinite, Pro-Tint’s films still measure optimal protection even after 25 years.