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Commercial Tinting

Protect your business assets with the strength and durability of Pro-Tint’s Security films. These products protect your windows from break-ins, storms, and the unexpected, so you can have better peace of mind when you close the shop at night.

With GLASS-GARD, a clear safety and security film is applied to the interior glass surface. Glass fragments will be kept together on the surface of the film and stay within the window frame. This obstacle will deter burglars, and thwart their attempts to break in.

Pro-Tint’s window films have a super-strong, patented adhesive. The glass may crack or break, but it will adhere to the film and stay intact. Tensile strength, elasticity, and resistance to breakage eliminate the risk of objects penetrating the glass and film.

GLASS-GARD is also available in tinted and reflective varieties, which have all the other film benefits such as glare reduction, a cooler environment, fade reduction, and energy savings.