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Vehicle Window Tinting Spring Special

$190 for 4 Door Car + Tax
$160 for 2 Door Car + Tax
Until June 1st, 2018

Pro-Tint of Saskatoon provides several types of tinting products and services to accommodate the needs of your vehicle, home, or business.

Sun Control

Pro-Tint’s SUN-GARD window films offer heat, glare and fading protection for your windows. This protection also saves you money by cutting down on your energy costs. It also makes each room more comfortable. For your home, office, or storefront, SUN-GARD films can meet your needs. Glare is an unwanted nuisance on your TVs at home or your computer screens in the office. The window films available at Pro-Tint reduce glare by 65%, which alleviates eye strain at home and at work.

You’ve invested a lot into your furniture, so don’t let sun fading shorten its lifespan. Pro-Tint’s SUN-GARD window films reduce fading on your fabrics, draperies, upholstery, carpeting, art, and furniture by filtering out 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays.

The benefits of window films include saving you money and increasing your comfort while eliminating up to 78% of solar heat gain. This translates into reduced air conditioning costs and a more comfortable home on hot, sunny days. In the winter time, window films prevent heat inside from escaping outdoors through your windows.


Security films that protect glass are the answer for ever growing safety and security concerns. A burglar can break your windows and steal your valuable such as jewelry, tools, computers, and confidential business information within minutes. With GLASS-GARD, a clear safety and security film applied to the interior glass surface, glass fragments will be kept together on the surface of the film and stay within the frame. This obstacle will deter the suspect from continuing with the break-in.

Pro-Tint’s window films have a super aggressive, patented adhesive. The glass may crack or break, but it will adhere to the film and still be intact within the frame. Tensile strength, elasticity, and resistance to shear eliminate the chance of objects penetrating the glass and film.

Used with certain security alarm systems, the first impact will trigger the alarm to sound, which may also deter the burglar. Repeated attempts will create more noise and it will take more time to gain access, which may result in the thief searching for an easier target. GLASS-GARD is also available in tinted and reflective varieties, which have all the other film benefits such as glare reduction, a cooler environment, fade reduction, and energy savings.

Car Films

Pro-Tint also has window films especially designed for vehicles. Options include films that keep heat out of your car and prevent interior fading, along with tinted films for added privacy and glare reduction. We can custom fit our films to any window size. Car films can also improve the look of your car to make it sportier.


Get your car clean inside and out with Pro-Tint’s professional detailing services. We wash and wax the outside of your car, including the wheels and hubcaps. We also clean the interior, including wiping down the dash, steering column, and center console, followed by vacuuming the upholstery and shampooing the rugs as needed. Your car will look clean and smell fresh when you drive away from our shop.

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"Got my windows done over a year ago and still holding up great, really clean job with almost no top gap."

"Pro Tint really stands up to their name. They are Pro's at tinting! They set up my commercial fleet with a great price and service."

"The guys at Pro Tint are just amazing! I brought in my new car, that I just bought a few days prior and they took extra care of my car."

"My truck was looking a little rough around the edges on the exterior, so I brought it to Pro Tint detailing service. It now shines like a diamond"